Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some Ideas I Had at 2:30 in the Morning

In no particular order nor in any grammatical sense:

Religion should be based on a physical relationship with god, doing community service and giving back to the world and to those that he supposedly created.

In the end, the good, just, patient, charitable people should go to heaven; if god truly is benevolent and loving.

God isn't something or someone to be feared or appeased, if he exists then we exist only to live off the planet he created.

A religious person should not always be in prayer, but one's devotion should be shown by doing things that a just, loving and charitable god would do. (I wrote this in opposition to churches and constant prayer that has nothing to do with being a pious person.)

A religion based on Jesus Christ should inherently follow his core beliefs: love, charity, patience, kindness, humility. (Really guys? Do we really have to persecute everyone who you don't like? Westboro Baptist Church: Picketing a lifestyle they know nothing about, including it's relationship with the Bible.)

People shouldn't pay dues to tax-exempt religious institutions, dues should only be paid when said religious institutions are taxed.

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