Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Video and My Commentary: The Innovation of Loneliness

The Innovation of Loneliness:

This post is not about religion but rather about technology.

I guess this blog post is less about the aspect of loneliness, but rather about how we as 21st century humans treat our social lives. If you watch the video I linked up there, the narrator will talk about how being so connected online will affect our feelings of loneliness. He also talked about the decline of verbal conversation and the decline of actually getting to know people.

I've always been a fan of actually having verbal conversation. In the long run I'm better at it. 

The narrator of the video also mentioned a key point about human socializing. When a person makes a relationship online, it's what I'd like to call a faux relationship. He mentioned how online socializing allows a person to create an image of themselves that is only showing their good sides. In doing this, nobody gets to see the full image of a person. People aren't having real relationships. This is why I stress meeting people in real life. I grew up learning how to socialize with real people, and that's why I ended up being better at that. Granted, talking with people online is trivial. Socializing is an actual skill. It's something that every child should learn.
That's why I fear for the children born from the parents of my generation. They will grow up in a society where they can make all their friends online. When they grow up into the real world with job interviews and they won't know how to make a good impression. Then again, by that point, a lot of interviews will be online most likely. 

Well, once again, questions or comments, you know what to do!

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