Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why do Atheists attack the Bible?

Let's kick it off here:

Question: Why do atheists try to attack the bible?
Extra info: the bible is the cornerstone for western civilization. every part of European culture art literature and science can all be traced back to biblical Christianity. the bible has even served as a platform for the morality of the founding united states. 

First off, atheists can't say that they don't attack the Bible. We do. It's true. We believe it's just a bunch of malarkey. And hell, we're comfortable in that. We don't have to "try" either. Most atheists are rational thinkers that use solid evidence to back up their claims. Most atheists have read the Bible front to cover and have memorized quotes that back up their attacks on the Bible. 

Now, to talk about the main aims of the question. Asking atheists why they attack the bible is like asking people why they like mayonnaise on their burgers, they just do it. It's a fundamental part of atheism. Atheism isn't just the denial of a supreme being, it's also questioning the bits and pieces of religion itself. Why do theists tick the way they do? Why do Christians accept this book written hundreds of years ago? Notably a book that seems to contain many flimsy ideals.

And finally, considering the extra info. There is no doubt that Christianity sits at the epicenter of much of European society. Science does not trace to Christianity. A lot of European advances in science were improvements on ancient Greek and Roman scientific theories. 
So really, Christianity was a basis upon which European art and literature was placed. Perhaps it was also a platform for the moral systems of the U.S., but the United States were founded as a country practicing the separation of church and state.

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